Jewelry Can Be Sentimental and Beautiful


For almost any occasion, there is jewelry that is perfect for a gift. While necklaces, rings, and earrings are very popular selections, there is a choice that is sometimes overlooked. Perhaps this choice is not displayed as prominently in the jewelry store, but it is more likely that the traditional pieces of jewelry are just the first to come to mind for the gift giver. Next time you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, take a moment to look over the different charm bracelet designs and speak to a sales representative about the thousands of charms that are available.

This is where the decisions get a bit tougher, actually. It is also the perfect pandora sale way to show your loved one just how well you understand her. Each charm is crafted to show amazing detail. You can seek out special charms that mean something specifically to the recipient, or you can find charms that detail specific times in your lives together. While the sentiment behind the gift is obviously quite serious, you should let your sense of humor take over as your choose the charms.

Charm bracelets are often fairly plain, with large links to make clipping new charms on quite easy. The chain itself can be silver, gold, or platinum, depending on the amount of money that you want to spend. The same applies with the charms; they are crafted from silver, gold, and platinum. If you do not mind spending a bit more on the charms, then you can purchase them with gemstones and amazing detail. cheap pandora For those on a smaller budget, you can easily find rhinestone versions.

The most beautiful thing about a charm bracelet is that the recipient can attach almost any kind of charm. If you select a silver bracelet due to financial constraints, there is nothing stopping you from purchasing platinum charms when the bank balance isn’t so low. You will quickly find, however, that the cost of the bracelet and charms do not matter. Your loved one will be so thrilled to receive each tiny thought and memory for placement on her bracelet that the question of cost will never enter her mind.

Guide to Pandora Jewelry – A Company History


This is your everything to know about guide to Pandora jewelry, from Pandora charms and Pandora beads to the Pandora chains and Pandora bracelets and even a little history. Pandora jewelry began as a husband and wife import business in 1982. They would travel to Thailand from Denmark in search of the perfect gem stones. As their demand increased they shifted their focus to more of a wholesale business of jewelry. A few years later they opened their own factory in Thailand and kept to a tighter focus on the design aspect of the jewelry they had collected. Now, 27 years later, this small time jewelry shop has grown into an international global brand name, Pandora, with a team of 35 people located at its head office in Copenhagen, Denmark, a team of over 100 employees servicing the North American region, and 1,000 workers at Pandora Productions, its factory in Thailand.

Today, Pandora jewelry has two main designers that inspire the creative makings of these charms, bracelets, necklaces, chains and beads. Both are trained goldsmith’s that know the ins and outs of the current cutting edge of fashion jewelry design. Let them design the perfect bead or charm for any occasion and use the unforgettable moments in your life to select and create the perfect dangle bracelet for you or someone special in your life. Browse through our website to select beads with personal meaning from our collection to create your own bracelet design with the Pandora charms and beads you want on your chain, necklace, or bracelet. With so many choices of just types of Pandora charms alone; clips, beads, gold, silver, glass, and whatnot Pandora has something that will appeal to you. Pandora Jewelry offers classic and timeless beads and charms that will last for generations.

Each and every Pandora bead and charm only uses real gemstones. The only exception is zirconia. This is the only gem that is synthetically made to look like a diamond jewel. Pandora jewelry is not limited to just bracelets and charms. Pandora has a vast and broad jewelry inventory that includes earrings, brooches, dangles, charms, bracelets, necklaces, beads, rings, pendants, toe rings, chains and more. No matter what jewelry you are looking for, our Pandora collection has a little something for everyone.

Pandora bracelets are always in high demand no matter the season. Not sure your bracelet size? No problem, you may use a tape measure in determining your wrist size. Simply wrap the cloth tape measure around your wrist and record accurately. Keep in mind that a great way of finding the correct size would be to make sure you are able to fit a finger between the tape measure and your wrist. This will help accommodate the Pandora charms or Pandora beads that will be added your bracelet so it is not too tight around your wrist. The bracelets, necklaces, and chains can come in 14k gold, sterling silver, sterling silver with 14k gold, and murano glass. In order to find the charms, beads or dangles for your Pandora bracelet, browse through the different categories, collections, and completed bracelets pages online. This will show you the top selling and most celebrated Pandora Jewelry that’s currently in vogue. Pictures of all these Pandora charms makes this quite easy to determine if these styles are what you are looking for.

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Essential Guide for Men – Pandora and Charm Bracelet Buying for the Women in Your Lives


I’m a man, a fairly typical one at that, and as such Pandora Charm present buying has never been my strong point. So after buying my other-half a pair of wellies for Christmas last year, I soon learned my lesson that this wasn’t going to be an acceptable option this year, and so had to do some research ahead of Christmas 2010…..

Now, to make it easier for me after the Wellington debacle, she had taken to dropping me a number of hints throughout the year that she would like a charm bracelet. All well and good, but as any of you who have ever Googled charm bracelets or tried to brave the local jewellery shop fronted by pushy camp sales assistants will know, it’s a minefield. So I thought I would offer everyone out there the benefit of my extensive research and (until recently) fairly limited but growing experience in the area.

So first, you have to negotiate all the different options out there, and there Pandora austrialia are a lot! Chamilia, Nomination, Truth, Pandora, the list is seemingly endless. By far the safest option, and one of the most popular by all accounts, is Pandora. They are Danish designers who only retail their products through their own shops or through selected top-end jewellers. Their ranges seem more extensive than some of the other brands, the quality seems great, and the lifespan and longevity of their products is what really swung it for me… a charm bracelet is after all supposed to be build upon over a period of time, so you need to know that you will be able to add to it for some time to come, and I felt more assured of that with the Pandora range than I did with any of the others.

Another benefit is the range of prices of the charms you can buy…. yes there are gold and diamond charms that whilst stunning, will set you back hundreds, but when something is all about sentiment rather than just material value as these things seem to be, it’s nice that friends, kids and just about everyone can contribute; with charms starting from just £25 each.

But what do you need? Well going back to my aforementioned fear of jewellery shops, I have to say I originally went to one of the dedicated Pandora shops and was assisted very informally by a delightful assistant who wasn’t at all pushy, and led me through the process with no intimidation and a good deal of humor. It was the Pandora shop in Windermere, Cumbria, and the assistant ably advised me that what you actually need to start with was the bracelet. Now there are some gorgeous leather and limited edition options which I believe start from just £30, all the way through to gold options for a little over a thousand pounds. The silver or the silver with a gold clasp are apparently the most popular, but here’s a word of advice…. if at all possible, have your lady with you for the sizing of it. My lass has slender wrists so the temptation was to get the smallest bracelet but by the time it has charms on it this wouldn’t have been big enough. That said, the shops are great with this, and if the size had been wrong, they would have been happy to change it after the event.

So once you have your bracelet, what else do you need? Well it seems there are something called “clips” of which it’s useful (though not imperative) to have two. These clips sit equidistantly spaced opposite the clasp and allow any charms in the early days to sit neatly between them at the top of the bracelet. Pandora also recommend this as a means of evenly distributing the weight of the bracelet and I have to say this does make sense. They are priced from £25 upwards depending on your choice of material, and I think they’re a must. Additionally, as these charm bracelet things can be carrying a lot of value (both in money and sentimental terms) very quickly, I’d also suggest a safety chain. Again whilst they aren’t completely necessary they do look very pretty, and you know that in the unlikely event of the clasp coming loose, you have the backup of the chain. These start from £70 depending on how elaborate you want to be.

Then of course come the charms, and I must admit I’ve developed quite an addiction to buying these, visiting a further two jewellers after making my original purchase, both of whom were similarly delightful and helpful and not scary at all; AJ Parkes in Northwich, Cheshire and Silvertree in Lancaster, Lancashire. You can literally get almost anything in any material, with any stone, carrying any sentiment. You can also buy them online but I would recommend that you check out the Pandora site first for recommended stockists to ensure you get the genuine article as I have heard a few horror stories about copy goods.